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North of Order by Nicholas Gulig (A Review)

By AK Afferez   YesYes Books 123 pages | $16 North of Order lets loose an overarching imagination, one that is freed of borders and delimitations, and one to which Nicholas Gulig’s own geographical detours have most probably contributed – … Continue reading

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Best Worst Year: Episode 95 (Or, Toi)

By Jim Warner Rosary pendulums from your rearview mirror with unwavering doubt. The Virgin Mary is velcroed to your dashboard, blessed by your grandmother’s wineglass, and present at her deathbed. There is a cross bent from palm leaves, 2011. They … Continue reading

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Dear Candidates: Stop Being Bad at Talking About Tragedy

By Wyl Villacres A twenty-one year old white dude walked into a church and killed nine people because they were black. In a state that still flies the confederate flag on their capital. Another white dude, another mass shooting. It’s … Continue reading

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