Introducing: Nothing Works Until it Does: Works Inspired by Dolan Morgan’s That’s When the Knives Come Down

We are stoked to present the newest installment in Sundog Lit’s innovative series of book promotion events.

Starting August 11, we will bring you series of texts (stories and other pieces) inspired by Dolan Morgan’s That’s When the Knives Come Down from Aforementioned Press.

Amber Sparks, author of May We Shed These Human Bodies, had this to say about Morgan’s book: “The multiple worlds Dolan Morgan creates sit atop a shifting, slippery, unpredictable darkness, one that means you’d better not get used to getting used to anything in these devilishly clever stories.”

For 2 weeks, we will bring you texts from:

Amelia Gray | Kyle Hillbrand | James Tadd Adcox | Molly Rose Quinn | Amber Sparks | Mark Leidner | Sean H. Doyle | Chelsea Hodson | Tom Oristaglio | Jess Dutschmann | Emily Raw | Rachel Glaser | Bianca Stone | Jess Mack | Mike Lala | Robb Todd | Sasha Fletcher | Monica McClure | Natalie Eilbert | Eric Nelson | Nelly Reifler | TK Madden

Get ready. Sharpen the knives. Sharpen the eyes. It’s coming.

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