Announcing Sundog Lit’s 2nd Theme Issue: (Letters from) the Road

Beginning April 1, Sundog Lit and wonderful guest editor, Jill Talbot, will open submissions for our 2nd Theme Issue!

We’re looking for creative nonfiction and other works that blend genre, that bend and experiment, that rumble down new roads. We want 2,000 words or less of your essays – segmented, flash, hybrid – and your genre-busting words. Special section: send us your photography and artwork from the road.

We want your potholed, endless highways. We want mountain trails. We want your tales of highway motels and the dusty paintings and animal wood carvings and lonely bars within. We want detours and dead-ends and washed-out streets. We want what’s barely illuminated under street lights in the twilight. Send us epistolary essays found in the bottom of a trash can. Throw us a researched essay on the building of highways, meditations on paths not taken (or ones we should not take), and labor. Show us dirtied hands, broken pint glasses, collapsing barns just off the road, graffitied train cars rushing past car windows.

Interpret the road how you will. Let your (Letter from) the Road call to us from seldom-visited places – physical places, heart places, places in the soul. Call to us. Bring us with you down those lonesome highways. Let us call back, train-hopping this country towards some new story.

Submit up to 2000 words of 3 flash essays or 1 essay per submission, and submit only once at a time, please. We want your essays to be the burn of fingertips after touching the flame of a match head. We want them to be the harsh burn of well whiskey. We want them to be the swaying lamps in dimly lit bars and the glint of Chardonnay at sunset.

On April 1, go to and submit your work. Submissions will remain open until July 1.

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