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Best Worst Year: Episode 12 (Or, Hats Off to (Roy) Harper)

By James Warner A quarter turn of the screw—Episode 12 will officially place me a quarter of the way through my Best Worst Year (in print anyway). A couple of weeks ago, after a reading, someone who I didn’t know … Continue reading

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ROMANTICS: A Pickup Line by Jamie Iredell

A Brief, Depressing, Hilarious, Disgusting History with Pickup Lines By Jamie Iredell Any time I’ve ever tried to use a pickup line I was young and drunk. Today I’m happily married. As it is with my wife, any significant relationship … Continue reading

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BOOK REVIEWERS: New Books Available for Review!

We have a number of books available for review. If interested, send links/samples to and tell us what you’d like to review. Available titles: –Black God by Ben Spivey (Black Square Press) –Underlife and Portico by Michael Lynch (Aforementioned … Continue reading

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