Contributing Writers WANTED

At Sundog Lit, we are looking for contributing writers to produce series, articles, essays, critical reviews, lit-related recipes, collages, wood carvings, etc., to give the masses their weekly/daily/hourly Sundog fill in-between issues.

We regret that we cannot pay at this time. We are grateful for your words and will love you forever, though.

Interested in contributing something fun? A weekly lyric essay review of WWE Raw? A one-off post on writing surreal/experimental fiction? A profile on the writing of a novella? An episode-by-episode catalogue of Deadwood?

Write us an email and pitch your ideas to Justin Daugherty at Send us a cover letter detailing what you hope to contribute, including any relevant work as attachments or links to published material. In the subject line, write CONTRIBUTING WRITER, please. We are eager for your ideas, your pitches, your firebrand words!

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2 Responses to Contributing Writers WANTED

  1. How much do you pay for contributions?

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