2015 Pushcart Prize Nominations

We are thrilled to announce our nominations for this year’s Pushcart Prize:

Lena Bertone — “What Happened to Ettore Majorana?
Corey Mertes — “Camp Whiskey

Jill Kolongowski — “Luck: An Annotated History” (Issue 8)
Iris Moulton — “Gravity” (Issue 8)

Lauren Capone — “Symmetry of a Purge” (Issue 8)
Maari Carter — “Homemade Sin

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Excerpt from Moon Up, Past Full

By Eric Shonkwiler
MUPF Rural Tendencies Illustration
(Illustration by Christina Collins)

Excerpt of the story, “Rural Tendencies,” from Eric Shonkwiler’s collection of dark, Midwest-centric novellas and short stories, Moon Up, Past Full, available now from Alternating Current Press.

JEEVES STARTED DEALING the day after. It sold well. The money came in pretty steady. I got a cut for it being my place, and the money more than covered house payments. I took a little in drugs, at a discount. Chasity was over every time Jeeves cooked, but when he wasn’t, she wasn’t. A couple weeks after Jeeves first tried his stuff, I was watching a football game, and I heard Chas coming up the basement steps. I was sitting on an old couch we’d picked up from the side of the road, and she stood in front of me, smiling. I glanced at the basement door and put my hands on her legs. Continue reading

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Best of the Net 2015 Nominations

We are thrilled to present our nominations for the 2015 Best of the Net anthology. We are honored to have published this great work and to be able to further support these authors.


—The Truth About Pompeii, by Courtney Preiss: http://sundoglit.com/courtney-preiss/

—The Evidence of Where We No Longer Live, by Kelsie Hahn: http://sundoglit.com/kelsie-hahn/


—In the Driveway; the Heart Unveiled, by Marcia Aldrich: http://sundoglit.com/marcia-aldrich/

—Date and Time of Loss, by Christine Hyung-Oak Lee: http://sundoglit.com/christine-hyung-oak-lee/


—The Black Ice Weaves Itself Like Leaves, by Michael Cooper: http://sundoglit.com/Michael-Cooper/

—And Nail, by Dalton Day: http://sundoglit.com/Dalton-Day/

—Heteroglossia, by Lindsay Illich: http://sundoglit.com/lindsay-illich/

—Proof, by Emily O’Neill: http://sundoglit.com/emily-oneill/

—poem from Dear Sal, by Jeremy Radin: http://sundoglit.com/jeremy-radin/

—Mother, by Lindsay Wilson: http://sundoglit.com/lindsay-wilson/

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